St. Clare of Assisi Print by Elizabeth Zelasko

From the Author:

"There are so many powerful stories from the life of Saint Clare, but there is one in particular which I hold close. In the year 1240, Assisi was being invaded by Saracen soldiers. Clare ran to the Eucharist to ask for protection, for her sisters in the convent and for Assisi itself. Tradition holds that her faith and courage in God made all of the sisters brave in the face of their attackers. Clare confronted the Saracens with a monstrance in her hands, and they fled in fear.

In this image of Saint Clare I chose to meditate on that moment of an enemy entering into the convent – where one would expect to find a group of terrified women, defenseless in their fear, we are instead confronted with the peace of Christ acting in a soul. Notice the serene peace of Clare. See her love of and respect for the Eucharist in the clothed hand that holds the monstrance, her right hand raised – not in anger, but in serenity – halting her attackers.

This is a message repeated throughout the scriptures – Do not be afraid. Have no fear in the face of your enemy. Be still, and know that it is God who fights for you.

This painting resides at the Augustine Institute in Denver, CO. The Augustine Institute commissioned this painting from Elizabeth Zelasko and has used the image in Symbolon videos. You can learn more about The Augustine Institute HERE.

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  • Size: 8 x 10" print



  • Author:
    Elizabeth Zelasko

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  • Saint Clare of Assisi Print

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Saint Clare of Assisi Print

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