St. Francis of Assisi Socks

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His simple life was so radical, that with no intentions of beginning a religious order, within 10 years, St. Francis had 5,000 people following his example of simplicity and devotion to God!

Slip these socks on your feet and be reminded of the simplicity of St. Francis. His love for nature, his simple poverty, and deep trust and reliance on the Lord! Francis was obedient to God and followed his call away from the glory of a soldier to eventually be the man to “Rebuild [God’s] Church!”

Let these be a reminder to you to trust in the Lord for all your needs, big and small, and to follow the call of God—it will lead to your deepest joy and freedom!

Check out this design in Kids Size!

Material: Approx. 75% Cotton, 23% Nylon, 2% Spandex

Adult One Size - Fits most

Shoe Sizes socks will fit:

Men's 5-11
Women's 7-12

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Customer Reviews

  • Tim Griffiths

    Sock Size Too Small - Bad Manufacturing?
    Jan 13th 2020

    Hopefully this is a one off, as the other two pairs of socks I received were great. These socks were too small, and I wound up tearing the top just trying to get them on my feet. I have a very average sized man's foot.. Store support helped and asked that I return for a refund. Hopefully this was just a one off, as I love St. Francis and would like to get another pair.

  • Sharon K. Perkins

    Saint Socks - beautiful but too small
    Jan 10th 2020

    I ordered several pairs of these beautiful socks for the men in my family, hoping that they would be able to wear them. Unfortunately, although they are supposed to fit men’s size 11, they run small and my guys were not able to wear them. Is there a large or men’s size available?

  • Loran Wappes

    Great Socks!
    Jan 4th 2020

    I love these!

  • Louis A Sirianni

    St. Francis of Assist Socks
    Dec 28th 2019

    Made in CHINA. I do not approve of their human rights laws.

  • sandy st. romain

    These socks are so cute, but they are SO SMALL I can’t even get them on .????
    Dec 23rd 2019

    I wanted to support the store, but these just didn’t work