Virtue Chronicles

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Written for 10-14 year olds, The Virtues Chronicles follows the adventures of 12 year-olds Andrew Perry and Eve Virtue as they deal with the mysterious Radiant Stone – an ancient jewel with the power to send them back in time. The legends of the Stone, and the remarkable history of its discoverer, Alfred Virtue, unfold from story to story in a series that explores the many saints and sinners who have impacted history.

About the Author

Paul McCusker is a writer and dramatist, best known for his work on the long-running children’s audio program Adventures in Odyssey and award-winning Radio Theatre productions for the Augustine Institute and Focus on The Family. His published works include The Adventures of Nick & Sam first-reader series, The Virtue Chronicles series for 10-14 year olds, The Imagination Station book series, the Passages series, tie-in novels to Adventures in Odyssey, adult mysteries and thrillers, biographies, plays, and musicals.