Today's Catholic high school students daily confront the implicit claim that our secular culture provides fully for human happiness. Why Believe? responds directly to that claim by a compelling argument that faith in Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Son of God, is the only adequate answer to the human heart's desire for happiness. The Why Believe? Teacher's Handbook contains valuable tools and tips for teachers to effectively convey the material included in the curriculum. This handbook includes a main objective for each chapter, resources for further reading, and useful suggestions for assignments and classroom activities.

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Praise for Why Believe?

Why Believe? is exactly what today's students need. It offers reasoned responses to students' questions about the faith and argues convincingly that growing closer to Christ does indeed lead to happiness and fulfillment. These textbooks are indispensable for teachers who want their students to graduate confident and secure in their faith.

Stephen, High school teacher in Washington

Our youth badly need to dare to be truly happy by living generously for God and neighbor. Why Believe? invites them to do so with arguments that are both engaging and convincing. It will raise their vision to things that are above.

–John A Cuddeback, Professor of Philosophy, Christendom College

The content, and the order in which it's presented, really set this text apart and make it especially relevant to the needs of Generation Z. Students who read Why Believe? will be well equipped to live a Christian lifestyle while navigating a secular environment.

–Brian Honsberger, Director of Programs and Operations, Roman Catholic Diocese of Paterson, St. Paul Inside the Walls

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  • Why Believe? Teacher's Handbook

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    Verified User Sep 23rd 2021

Why Believe? Teacher's Handbook

  • New apologetics for the new evangelization
  • Marked by significant works of art, literature, and Sacred Scripture
  • Teacher's Guide to the two-volume series
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