Lectio: Eucharist - Study Guide (5-Pack)

Dr. Brant Pitre
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This 5 pack of Participant Guides is intended for use by FORMED parishes and saves you over 60% off!

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The study guide for Eucharist: Discovering the Mass in the Bible is the key to getting the full Lectio experience. This powerful resource was created to lead you deeper into Scripture as you read, reflect, and respond. Beautifully and thoughtfully crafted, this personal Study Guide that leads you deeper into the mystery of the Eucharist and provides you with 212 pages of incredible content.

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  • Bev Reule

    Bible Study
    Jan 15th 2020

    Augustine Institute does a beautiful job with their DVD’s and workbooks.

  • Margaret M Sanchez

    Excellent Study
    Dec 4th 2019

    Highly recommend this study guide to follow along with the Lectio: Eucharist Study. So full of stuff you never even knew. Fall in love with Jesus in the Eucharist! Get this guide.