This 5 pack of Participant Guides is intended for use by FORMED parishes and saves you over 60% off!

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The Study Guide for Lectio: God is the key to getting the full Lectio experience. This powerful resource was created to lead you deeper into Scripture as you read, reflect, and respond. Beautifully and thoughtfully crafted, this personal study guide leads you further into the study.

Engaging and accessible, these 5-Packs of Lectio: God Study Guides will help FORMED parishes make the most of adult faith formation in any size study group. Easy to use, with step-by-step instructions, you'll have the tools you need to bring Sacred Scripture, Tradition, and history to life through:

  • Introductions and prayers for each of 9 sessions
  • An outline summary for each video presentation
  • Discussion questions to unpack the lessons
  • Daily reflections to deepen your understanding of the teaching
  • Space for personal journaling

About Lectio: God

What do we mean when we say "God"?

Misconceptions about God abound, even among Christians, and these misconceptions can become obstacles in our relationship with God. Join Augustine Institute Assistant Professor Dr. Elizabeth Klein for a careful study of Scripture that will lead you to a deeper and clearer awareness of who God is, equipping you to share this truth with others. 

Starting in the Old Testament, Dr. Klein presents what God says about himself at various points in salvation history, and how he revels to Israel that "the Lord is one" (Deuteronomy 6:4). Moving to the New Testament, Dr. Klein shows how this one God then reveals himself as three. Along the way you'll get answers to questions such as, How can God be transcendent and personal? If God is one, how can Jesus be God? What does it mean that "God is love" (1 John 4:8)? Why is the doctrine of the trinity the central mystery of our faith when the word "Trinity" never appears in the Bible?

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Lectio: God -Study Guides (5-Pack)

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  • This 5 pack of Participant Guides is intended for use by FORMED parishes.
  • Insights for understanding Sacred Scripture and Tradition.
  • Journey through the Old and New Testaments to see what God says about himself.
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