Beloved Couple's Kit - Marriage Preparation

Dr. Tim Gray
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This kit includes the English only Beloved DVD set.This Couple’s Kit for Marriage Preparation includes everything a couple needs to experience the full power of Beloved—the six-DVD set plus two Couple’s Guides for Marriage Preparation.

About Beloved: Finding Happiness in Marriage

You’re in love. You’re reasonably compatible. There’s a thrill and romance you enjoy. You want to spend the rest of your lives together. Getting married seems straightforward enough. But . . .

What if Marriage is more than that? What if God has woven into the very design of your humanity a purposeful need and desire to unite you with another, creating something mysterious and holy? What if your marriage is designed to be a vital part of God’s work in the world?

In twelve sessions, Beloved explores the true meaning of Marriage and how to live it out together. Here you’ll discover the deepest spiritual, emotional, and practical realities of Marriage through Scripture, Tradition, and Church teaching. You’ll see firsthand how to experience the wonder, mystery, and joy of this sacrament—from that first “I do” through the rest of your lives.

The Couple’s Guide included in this kit will work with the accompanying videos to help you discover:

•  The meaning of marriage for you personally
•  How your marriage fits into an eternal story
•  The truth about the bonds and commitment of love
•  God’s plan for true spiritual and physical intimacy
•  How to communicate and resolve conflict
•  The importance of healing and forgiveness
•  Tools for protecting your marriage

Informative and inspirational, Beloved will prepare you to live out the Sacrament of Marriage profoundly, so that your love story is drawn ever more into the greatest love story of all . . . God’s own love for us.

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