What could be more exciting for a young boy in thirteenth-century Italy than a tournament? Loupio, the orphan befriended by Saint Francis of Assisi, competes against lads bigger and better trained than himself. But he and his friends, with some help from Brother Wolf, achieve surprising results. Cheer them on to victory in this third volume of The Adventures of Loupio.

This award-winning comic-book series has first-rate, full color illustrations with exciting stories set in the days of knights and castles. Kids love them!

Jean-François Kieffer is a deacon and father of four children. Born in France in 1957, he has been an award-winning writer and illustrator of children's works.  

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The Adventures of Loupio Volume 3: The Tournament (Paperback)

  • Jean-François Kieffer
  • Illustrated comic book series.
  • Ages 6 and up.
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