Were the gospels really written by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John or are the authors

Did the stories come to us through some sort of “telephone game” or by way of
eye witnesses? It is vital to address the debate over anonymous gospels. If we don’t know who
wrote the gospels, then how reliable are the stories written about Jesus? Can we look at the
gospels as legitimate historical sources for the life, the death and the resurrection of Jesus?

Join Dr. Brant Pitre in exploring the authors of the Gospel in this audio talk brought to you by Lighthouse Talks and the Augustine Institute.

This talk is based on Session 1 of the Lectio Bible Study Program: The Case for Jesus. Learn more about Lectio: The Case for Jesus, here.

Bonus: The CD also includes access to the talk via download. Printed on the disc are directions to access download.

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Were the Gospels Anonymous (CD)

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