How do you fight for justice when the laws are unjust?

Where are the lines between a righteous cause and revenge?

The child of a reputable family and a faithful son of the Church, Robert of Locksley had no intention of becoming an outlaw. But the relentless cruelty and tyranny by the elite nobility of England demanded that someone rise up for the oppressed. And so Robert of Locksley became Robin Hood—a man thrown into a fierce struggle to balance his deep faith with a call to action in a violent and unjust age.

Featuring over sixty actors, cinematic sound, and original music, The Legends of Robin Hood is an exciting twelve-part audio drama from the award-winning Augustine Institute. Bold and inspiring, the Augustine Institute’s audio dramas take storytelling to a whole new level of sound that quickens the imagination and inspires the heart.

This 6-CD set includes a discussion guide that will help you discuss major concepts and themes from this unforgettable audio drama.

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  • The Legends of Robin Hood 6 CD Audio Drama & Discussion Guide

    Verified User Sep 23rd 2021

    Verified User Sep 23rd 2021

  • Great Story Telling

    Tony Apr 27th 2020

    An excellent mix of narration and a large cast, that will make great listening for everyone, but especially for a Catholic family. The story is filled with phenomenal sound effects, great music, and excellent acting that tells the story that is as meaningful today as it has been throughout the years that it has been told.

    Tony Apr 27th 2020

The Legends of Robin Hood 6 CD Audio Drama & Discussion Guide

  • A thrilling story of choosing virtue and justice
  • Teach your children how to fight for virtue in a world full of injustice
  • Created by Paul McCusker, American writer and producer most widely known for Adventures in Odyssey
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