What is it about a modest young woman from second century Rome that transcends the centuries to move the hearts of the greatest artists to create in her name? Find the answer in Ode to Saint Cecilia, the dramatic story of a holy muse willing to follow the path of beauty and truth—no matter the cost. Her passionate love and inspiring story come to life in six powerful audio episodes with over 40 actors.

This 4-CD set includes a discussion guide that will help you discuss major concepts and themes from this unforgettable audio drama. Perfect for in the car, at home, and on the go, this audio drama makes the drive to school, practice, the store, vacation, or anywhere an entertaining time of family faith-building.

Episode Listing

1. Out of Time (20 minutes)
2. The Chord is Struck (22 minutes)
3. Tragically Poetic (22 minutes)
4. A Great Mystery (19 minutes)
5. Arise (22 minutes)
6. Untune the Sky (20 minutes)

About Augustine Institute Radio Theatre

Bold and inspiring, AIR Theatre takes storytelling to a whole new level. Dozens of accomplished, award-winning actors bring characters to life, and cinematic sound and music will quicken the imagination. Stay tuned for more exciting releases in the future!

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  • Ode to Saint Cecilia 4 CD Audio Drama & Discussion Guide

    Verified User Sep 23rd 2021

    Verified User Sep 23rd 2021

Ode to Saint Cecilia 4 CD Audio Drama & Discussion Guide

  • The dramatic story of a modest young woman from Rome whose life transcends time to influence poets, composers, sculptors, and painters
  • Celebrate the role of the arts in showing us the love of God through beauty
  • Created by Paul McCusker, American writer and producer most widely known for Adventures in Odyssey
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