The Leader's Guide is the key to facilitating an effective group study of Lectio Mark: Faith Not Fear. Engaging and accessible, this Lectio: Mark Leader’s Guide presents practical help to make the most of adult faith formation in any size study group. 

Easy to use, with step-by-step instructions, you’ll have the tools you need to bring the richness of the Bible, Church Tradition, and history to life through this 328 page leader guide with: 

 – detailed introductions, prayers, and inspirational insights
 – practical help to stimulate discussion in your group
 – suggested answers for discussion questions and reflections
 – magnificent art to inspire deeper reflection
 – prayer and devotional insights
 – recommended further reading to take you deeper into the study


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This product is also available in Spanish. 


Dr. Tim Gray

Reviews (10)

  • Lectio Leaders Guide

    Kathy Giovingo Sep 29th 2023

    The book and content are very good. However it’s obvious the audience in the video is “more catechized” than our class. The only complaint I have is with the recommendations for times. Have had to readjust to fit our need. This is NOT a complaint, I believe it depends on the audience, just as the Gospel authors had to be cognizant of.

    Kathy Giovingo Sep 29th 2023

  • Wow!

    Verified User Sep 23rd 2021

    Wow! Learned so much from Episode 1 alone! Thank you, Dr Tim.

    Verified User Sep 23rd 2021

  • Thank you

    Verified User Sep 23rd 2021

    Thank you. Everything on Formed is so well done and presented.

    Verified User Sep 23rd 2021

  • Beautiful!

    Verified User Sep 23rd 2021

    Beautiful! Thank you Dr Gray!

    Verified User Sep 23rd 2021

LECTIO: Mark - Leader's Guide

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  • Lectio: Mark gleams insights from the oversimplified Gospel of Mark
  • Enables teachers to facilitate a more engaging presentation of the program
  • Join Dr. Tim Gray in his deep journey through the practice of Lectio Divina
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