Who is God? How do we answer questions such as, how can God be transcendent and personal? If God is one, ow can Jesus be God? What does it mean that "God is love" (1 John 4:8)? Why is the doctrine of the Trinity the central mystery of our faith when the word "Trinity" never appears in the Bible?

Misconceptions about God abound, even among Christians, and these misconceptions can become obstacles in our relationship with God. Join Dr. Elizabeth Klein for an in-depth study of Scripture that will lead. you to a deeper and clearer awareness of who God is, equipping you to share this truth with others. 

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Lectio: God DVD Set

  • Join Dr. Elizabeth Klein as she journeys through the Old and New Testaments to see what God says about himself.
  • Insights for understanding Sacred Scripture and Tradition.
  • Nine sessions in length. Great for parish formation!
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