Using colorful animation that toddlers will want to watch over and over again, “Totally Toddlers” is an entertaining and wholesome way for young children to learn basic concepts, while also creating a strong foundation of faith. This episode introduces children to the wonderful world of words as they learn all about The Alphabet! Animated letters come to life, sing to the children, and then return to their normal written form. Animated explanations of each letter depict aspects of the Catholic faith and life, such as: D is for Daddy! Saint Joseph was Jesus’ daddy. With fun reviews, kids learn what objects start with each letter! Sprinkled throughout are catchy melodies with quality animation that help children apply their faith while learning a new letter. “Totally Toddlers” — Learning while I grow in my Catholic faith!

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  • Totally Toddlers: The Alphabet

    Verified User Sep 23rd 2021

    Verified User Sep 23rd 2021

Totally Toddlers: The Alphabet

  • Introduces toddlers to the wonderful world of the Alphabet
  • Learn both basic concepts and a strong foundation for faith
  • Geared to children 0-5
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