Rabbit Skins Toddler Fine Jersey Tee with Benjamin Cello graphic.


Welcome to the Land of the Baptized Imagination! 

Follow Benjamin Cello, a winsome country gentleman, as he leads his friends on song-filled adventures of faith. Each episode explores the grandeur of God through Biblical truths, the wonder of creation, and the beauty of music and the arts. 

Each of the three doors in Benjamin Cello’s cottage leads to a special place in the Land of the Baptized Imagination...
  • Pennywhistle Park overflows with flower-filled charm, extolling the joy of art and music with the lovely Lolly Popular and her Cheerful Chums.
  • The BookEndless Book Tower  soars to the heavens with ancient wisdom curated by Professor Wordsworth and his brilliant BookWorms: Grub, Wiggle, Inch, Glow, & Earth Worm! As the proverb says, “Of the writing of books, there is no end!”
  • The Big Ol’ Barn illuminates the wonder of creation through earth science and the animal kingdom under the tutelage of the hilarious Cowboy Roy and his talking animals: the fastidious Donkey Oaty, the worrisome rooster, Gregory Peck, and the lovely but naive Ewe Phoria and her little Lambkin. 

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Benjamin Cello Toddler Tee

  • Hanes Rabbit Skins Toddler Fine Jersey Tee
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Perfect gift for Benjamin Cello fans
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