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The Millennial Generation has grown to adulthood. Having experienced many of the conveniences and pitfalls of new technologies, social media, student loan debt, and adult life, millennials have also developed a genuine desire to do something great with their lives, but often don't know how to get there. As fellow millennial Paul J. Kim shares with great humor and insight, tackling life's big challenges and desires for vocation, career, and greatness can give powerful witness to God and the gift of life.

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  • Arlene Zonni

    A Catholic Millennial's Guide to Adulting
    Dec 22nd 2019

    I absolutely love this talk! I was already a fan of Paul J. Kim. I was looking for Christmas gifts for a group of late teens/young adults (I was the Confirmation Sponsor for most of them). I think they will really benefit from this talk! Thank you!!