LECTIO: Evangelization - Leader Kit

Dr. Mary Healy
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This leader kit includes everything a leader needs to present Lectio Evangelization to a group, whether in a parish or at home. This package includes all ten episodes of Evangelization and the Acts of the Apostles on five DVDs, plus a comprehensive Leader's Guide (which includes complete Study Guide content).

About Evangelization and the Acts and the Apostles:
Find help and inspiration from the men and women who transformed the world. There is no better place to look for guidance in the New Evangelization than the Acts of the Apostles. This chronicle of the Church in action gives us the blueprint for the life and mission of the Church today.

In Evangelization and the Acts of the Apostles, Dr. Mary Healy combines Bible study with Church teaching and practical wisdom to show you how modern Catholics can effectively lead people to Jesus Christ.

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