Holy Week is the holiest week of the year. But why do we call the entire week “holy”? Does anything important happen on the days between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday? In this Lighthouse Talk, follow Scripture scholar and professor Dr. Brant Pitre as he walks through each of the seven days of Holy Week, and explains how the words and actions of Jesus on the last seven days of His life are deeply significant, relevant, and rooted in the Old Testament. Enter Holy Week and make it your most life-changing week yet.

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  • The Jewish Roots of Holy Week

    Verified User Sep 23rd 2021

    Verified User Sep 23rd 2021

The Jewish Roots of Holy Week (MP3)

  • Uncover the Judaic roots of the Christian Holy Week
  • Perfect for understanding the connection to the Old and New Testaments
  • Dr. Brant Pitre is Distinguished Research Professor of Sacred Scripture at the Augustine Institute and he received his Ph.D. in New Testament and ancient Judaism from the University of Notre Dame.
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