St. Augustine Socks

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St. Augustine spent a large part of his life chasing after fleeting fulfillments. Thanks to the tireless prayers of his mother and the mercy of God, he is most known today for his conversion. Augustine became a priest, the bishop of Hippo, & eventually titled as a Doctor of the Church for all of his great wisdom, writings, and insights. Because of his past, he knew where true peace and fulfillment come from: God! 

Snag these socks for yourself or a loved one and be reminded to seek the Lord because of his famous quote on the bottom: “Our hearts are restless, Oh Lord, until they rest in you.”

Material: Approx. 75% Cotton, 23% Nylon, 2% Spandex

Adult One Size — Fits most

Shoe Sizes socks will fit:

Men's 5-11
Women's 7-12

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Customer Reviews

  • Frank T

    St Francis Socks
    Jan 9th 2020

    Great look. But, too tight to put on/take off for my 11.5 B width feet. Thus, IMHO, too pricey for not fitting.

  • Sandy

    Wonderful Gifts
    Jan 2nd 2020

    I will purchase these again they are wonderful gifts

  • Chuck

    Excellent fun socks
    Dec 29th 2019

    Nicely made

  • Mary Shawhan

    Saint socks
    Dec 28th 2019

    Colorful, comfy and thought provoking all found in a pair of socks!!

  • Jean Feid

    Greatest Gift
    Dec 20th 2019

    I could not believe how well made these socks were. They are the perfect gift for adults and children alike. I only wish I had bought more, and for next Christmas I will. My only complaint ,
    and it is not really, I wanted a pair of socks with St. Christopher, and there were none. Maybe next year. I recommend these beautiful socks highly.