The Augustine Bible (ESV-CE)

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The turning point in St. Augustine’s life came when the emptiness within drove him to cry out to God in anguish. As if in answer, he heard children singing “tolle lege,” “take and read.” We are grateful for the privilege to publish The Augustine Bible, and we hope it encourages you to “take and read” with faith, as St. Augustine did, and so to truly hear the voice of God speaking to you in love.  

The Augustine Bible features a beautiful foil-stamped slipcase and a durable matte cover to ensure that you can use and treasure this Bible for years to come. Printed in Italy, The Augustine Bible features the English Standard Version® Catholic Edition translation, which many consider to be the best available English translation of the Bible. 

Printed in Italy.

Smyth sewn with foil stamping under anti-scuff matte lamination.

Encased in a rigid Wibalin® slipcase with foil stamping.

Features the English Standard Version® Catholic Edition (ESV-CE) translation.

1,232 pages, plus 8-page, full-color map insert.

Printed on 24# Thinopaque.