Who Am I to Judge? Responding to Relativism with Logic and Love (CD)

Dr. Edward Sri
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Discussing moral issues with family and friends can be a challenge in a culture that strongly promotes the idea that there is no objective truth. Speaking from a wealth of personal experience, renowned author and theologian Dr. Edward Sri provides 5 “keys” to enable Christians to oppose with logic and love what Pope Benedict XVI called the “dictatorship of relativism.” He also clarifies the proper understanding of what it means to judge, and the importance of making good judgments.

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  • Marc A Meadows

    Must listen to this and share!
    Dec 30th 2019

    This is the second time that I have bought a bunch of these CDs. I pass them out to friends and especially to people I meet who have teenagers and college age kids. This is an important message that lets you feel right when the relativism logic is tugging at your mind to allow folks to do what they want. Evan the Pope has labeled Relativism an evil thing. This is a short listen and Dr. Sri presents it with passion. This is more effective than the book at getting people's attention. Enjoy the discussions after people listen to this!