This 2 sided header board is 25” wide and 10” tall. The front side has a blue background with the image of a cross and says “Encounter Jesus.” The back side has a green background, bible, cup of coffee and cell phone and says “Engage your Faith.”

Changing the header of the kiosk periodically gives it a new look and draws new people over to the kiosk.

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  • ngk Header

    Pauline O'Callaghan May 8th 2023

    The kiosk which I purchased a long time ago had a Header, PREPARE THE WAY OF THE KING, which was from at least 10 years ago. That header was 25" wide, so I had to have 3" cut off the width, ( 1 1/2 " from each end), in order for it to fit the kiosk. that was not very helpful. Thanks to a friend, I now have the Header in place!

    Pauline O'Callaghan May 8th 2023

NGK Header - Encounter Jesus/Engage Your Faith

  • Two sided header board.
  • The front side says “Encounter Jesus.” The back side says “Engage Your Faith.”
  • Draw attention to your kiosk with a fresh design.
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