3″ Pocket Cross imprinted with the name of Jesus and miraculous medal imagery. 

Cross includes Cardinal or Theological Virtue card and canvas logo bag.

Pocket Crosses are laser cut and laser etched from stainless steel.  We have several other standard designs reflecting the virtues which provide guidance and stability towards our Christian faith.

About Thomas Peters Designs

Inspired by the works of ancient artisans and early Christians, Thomas Peter Designs offers “Biblical Steel”, a line of high quality / distinctive metal art and works crafted to enrich your spiritual life.

Our mission is to produce high quality and unique pieces that will be proudly displayed by people wishing to express their Christian faith.

The line reflects much of the historical artwork and architecture produced by faithful followers throughout history. Made from heavy gauge metal, our products are produced in the U.S. and offered in a variety of powder coated or rusted finishes, all designed to provide a range of options suited to your personal taste.

We will continue expanding the line as long as the Holy Spirit continues providing the inspiration.

Many of our crosses include nail holes, a feature unique to our products, and we provide nails for some of the products, which have the appearance of the spikes that would have been used for crucifixions.

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  • Virtues Cross (Miraculous Mary)

    Verified User Sep 23rd 2021

    Verified User Sep 23rd 2021

Virtues Cross (Miraculous Mary)

  • 3″ Pocket Cross
  • Miraculous Medal imagery
  • Includes Cardinal or Theological Virtue card and canvas bag
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