The Blessings of Advent and Christmas!
What is Brother Francis up to this time? Celebrating the seasons of Advent and Christmas! And you know what? You can come along with him! This fun-filled episode will help children understand why and how we celebrate the Advent and Christmas seasons, and prepare their hearts for the coming of the King!

This episode includes :

- “Why Advent?” - A clear presentation of what it means to observe this wonderful time, as we anticipate the coming of Jesus!
- “Clap Your Hands!” and “Someone Important is Coming!” - Two joyful ditties, full of meaning and fun.
- “The Christmas Season” - Learn what this season is truly all about and how we celebrate it in faith and hope!
- “Ring the Bells!” - An inspiring visualized song that celebrates the One who came to bring us salvation!
- “Jesus is Coming” is a fun way to observe Advent and Christmas. Keep Christ in this season and bring the joy of Heaven into your home!

This DVD is in English with English subtitles. Geared to children ages 3-8.
Approximately 28 minutes.

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Brother Francis: The Story of Mary (DVD)

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