Family counselors report that pornography is epidemic in our families. Because of the internet, a 24-hour porn store is available to every family member. Not just Dad, but Mom and the kids as well.

We can see the results in any community—divorce, sexual abuse, promiscuity, despair. Despite this threat, however, many families are woefully unequipped to deal with it. The extreme effects of pornography on the family are frightening enough, but the real danger is the subtle impact pornography can have on relationships, communication, and overall values. Pornography is a real issue in every family. Let this pamphlet help you break down the barriers and open the door for healing, forgiveness, and spiritual growth. 


  • Author:
    Woodeene Koenig-Bricker

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What the Church Teaches: Pornography - Pamphlet (10 Pack)

  • Discover the Church’s teaching on pornography
  • Uncover the harmful concequences and issues stemming from this vice
  • Available in a pack of 10
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