One Year. 20 Minutes a Day. Encounter the Power and Wonder of God’s Word.

It’s a mountaintop experience if you can open up the Word of God. It’s majestic, it’s beautiful, it’s breathtaking. It gets us out of our day-to-day and into God.

This newly released version of Bible in a Year: Your Daily Encounter with God features the English Standard Version® Catholic Edition translation, which many consider to be the best available English translation of the Bible. Each day is dated generally (Day 1, Day 2, etc.), so that you can start at any point in the year! In addition to the updated translation, this Bible in a Year features a beautiful new cover design.

The simple format of this Bible in a Year will keep you engaged as you make your way through all 73 books of the Bible.

Commentaries are written by renowned Catholic biblical scholars and theologians, including Dr. Tim Gray, Dr. Mark Giszczak, Dr. John Sehorn, Dr. Scott Powell, Dr. Michael Morris, Dr. Elizabeth Klein, and Deborah Holiday.

- Each day features three readings, one each from the Old Testament, Wisdom Literature, and the New Testament
- Insightful daily reflections are written by leading theologians to facilitate deeper meditation and encounter with God through his Word
- English Standard Version® Catholic Edition translation of the Bible
- Bible in a Year is the entire Bible (including the deuterocanonical books), divided into 365 days, with a reflection of approximately 200 words for each day.


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Product Details

  • Bonded leather (7272 Navy Aristo Grain)
  • Gold foil stamp (spine & cover) 
  • Gold ribbon (8mm)
  • Gold gilded edges

Reviews (3)

  • Nice, but arrived in used condition

    James Barkey Feb 18th 2022

    I really enjoy this Bible, the way it has been laid out, and above all, the daily reflections - I read it every day. However, I paid for a new Bible, and expected to receive a new Bible. I noticed it wasn't packaged very well when I bought it last year, but didn't know it was used until I started at the beginning this past January. Someone had underlined passages in pencil for the first 10 pages, or so, and then did their best to erase them - to the point of fading some of the text. Why this Bible was shipped as new, is beyond me., but no discredit to the Bible itself. It may, however, impede my decision to make additional purchases from the Catholic Market in the future though.

    James Barkey Feb 18th 2022

  • Navy Bonded Leather - Bible in a

    Verified User Sep 23rd 2021

    Verified User Sep 23rd 2021

  • Bible

    Ralph Massanelli Dec 26th 2020

    Great Bible

    Ralph Massanelli Dec 26th 2020

Navy Bonded Leather - Bible in a Year

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  • ESV-CE emphasizes “word-for-word” accuracy, literary excellence, and depth of meaning
  • Printed in Italy
  • Navy Bonded Leather Cover
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