33 Days to Merciful Love: A Do-It-Yourself-Retreat in Preparation for Consecration to Divine Mercy by Fr. Michael E. Gaitley, MIC

“Within the pages of 33 Days to Merciful Love lies an earth shattering insight, certifying its place among the most important books of our generation. It is this: As an age, with a river of heinous sin overflowing the banks of humanity, we have quite simply exhausted our reparative capacity to sate the demand of Divine Justice. Seeing this very moment from the Cross, Merciful Love willed a new age in Salvations History to coincide with the dawn of the third Christian millennium. An Age of Divine Mercy. An Age when all people can appeal to Perfect Mercy without fear of Perfect Justice. With exquisite timing in this Jubilee Year, Fr. Michael Gaily shows us the power of just such an offering to Merciful Love in the lives of the greatest saints of our time, methodically prepares us to follow their lead, and reveals what it can mean to us and the men and women of our time if and when we do.”
— Brian J. Gail, Catholic Speaker and Bestselling Author

  • Paperback
  • 202 pages
  • 5.25 x 8"
  • Published in 2016


Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC

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  • 33 Days to Merciful Love

    Verified User Sep 23rd 2021

    Verified User Sep 23rd 2021

33 Days to Merciful Love (Paperback)

  • A Do-It-Yourself Retreat: 33 day Divine Mercy consecration
  • Specifically designed to make it accessible to even the busiest of people
  • Fr. Michael E. Gaitley, MIC uses his Marian devotion to provide 33 day retreats to the busiest of people
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