The purpose of The Search Begins is to help middle and high school students form a foundation of authentic community while exploring questions and longings that can only be found in Christ and his Church.

The Search Begins Leader's Kit contains everything a youth minister, teacher, or parent needs to run a small-group study so teens can receive the Gospel message, respond to it, and discover who they were created to be.

The Leader’s Guide equips leaders with the skills, knowledge, and discussion questions necessary to facilitate a meaningful Gospel presentation to teens. It creatively provides unique questions, prayers, and activities to help teens apply what they are learning to their lives. Each lesson also aligns strategies for using the questions in the participant journal for added discussion or reflection at home or on retreat.
The Search Begins Leader’s Guide takes the video series a step further by providing intentional moments for conversation and application to teens' daily realities, fears, hopes, and struggles. Additional leader videos on FORMED complement the Leader's Guide to foster the art of accompaniment, best practices on evangelization, and inviting teens to respond fully to the Gospel.

The Search Begins videos can be found here on FORMED (available only to FORMED subscribers).

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Each lesson contains:

  • Additional reference points in Scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and magisterial documents
  • Opening & closing prayers to model how to pray
  • Creative, immersive activities for each lesson, including a call to action to make content truly come to life
  • Conversation starters to encourage meaningful discussion based on each video
  • Tips to inspire teen participation


Included in The Search Begins Leader Kit

  • The Search Begins videos can be found here on FORMED (available only to FORMED subscribers).
  • 10 What Do You Seek?  teen participant journals
    • Discounted rate on additional journals! 0-20 additional journals at $7.49/each, 21+ journals at $6.50/each. Additional journals can be purchased here.
  • The Search Begins Leader’s Guide
  • The Search (Paperback)
  • Digital access to a downloadable flyer, postcards, and a letter to parents to help promote The Search Begins at your parish or school
  • Digital access to Youth Leader Training Videos on The Search Begins for best practices

About The Search Begins

The Search Begins is a new seven-episode video series adapted from the Augustine Institute's award-winning series The Search, hosted by Chris Stefanick.

Modified for teens, The Search Begins invites middle and high school students to consider the deepest questions of the human heart and explore the meaning and purpose of life. The series considers death, sorrow, happiness, science, and faith. It features teen commentary and shorter segments to facilitate honest conversations between teens and their youth ministers, parents, teachers, and peers.

The Search Begins emphasizes why a teen should care to ask life’s tough questions and, ultimately, seek an answer to this most important question: Who is Jesus Christ, and how do I respond to his invitation?

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The Search Begins Leader's Kit

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  • The Search Begins is a 7-episode video series designed to enkindle meaningful discussions with teens searching for answers: What is the meaning of my life? Why am I here? Who am I? Is God real?
  • Leader’s Guide written by expert youth ministry consultant Jim Beckman provides practical support to accompany teens wrestling with life’s most important questions. | Includes 10 teen participant journals
  • Filmed & produced by the awarding-winning Augustine Institute Studios.
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