Here are all the most important stories of the Bible, Old and New Testaments, with very expressive and gorgeous pictures, sure to delight young children from 3 years old and up.  The Old Testament stories include Creation, Adam and Eve, Noah, David & Goliath, Moses and more. The New Testament stories include the whole story of the life and miracles of Jesus, and the lives of the Apostles and early Church, all presented in a wonderful way that shows God’s great love for mankind.


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    Maïte Roche

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  • The Beautiful Story of the Bible

    Verified User Sep 23rd 2021

    Verified User Sep 23rd 2021

The Beautiful Story of the Bible

  • Introduce your young children to the Word of God
  • The most important stories from the Old and New Testaments
  • Gorgeous and expressive pictures
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