Consoling the Heart of Jesus - Participant Packet + Book

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This Participant Packet is the designed for those who would like to join a Consoling the Heart of Jesus Small Group Retreat. Each item in this packet was thoughtfully chosen as an aid to bring participants deeper into "consoling spirituality" and devotion to the Divine Mercy.

Click the image to the left to enlarge and see all kit contents.

The retreat book, Consoling the Heart of Jesus, is included in this kit.

The following items are included:  

- Consoling the Heart of Jesus Retreat Book 
- Consoling the Heart of Jesus Retreat Companion 
- Consolers Morning Offering prayer card 
- Divine Mercy Image (8" x 10") 
- Rosary (colors will vary) 
- Chaplet and Novena of Divine Mercy Pamphlet 
- Consolers Principle and Foundation Certificate (8.5 x 11, full-color) 
- Way of the Cross Pamphlet 
- Divine Mercy Explained Booklet