An exciting story about the first Pope--selected by the Father in Heaven and taught by Jesus--including many times in which Jesus gave Peter powers and favors greater than He gave any other Apostle.

You'll learn about this especially close relationship that Our Lord had with Saint Peter, because His Heavenly Father blessed Peter with a unique role in the Kingdom of Heaven which Jesus established!

Children will learn:
- The expectations of the Messiah as revealed by the prophets--and how Jesus fulfilled them
- What language Jesus spoke--and what that reveals
- The difference between "Disciples" and "Apostles"
- Three miraculous catches of fish--and how they all concerned Peter
- What made many disciples leave Jesus--and why Judas chose to stay
- Jonah and Peter--what Jesus meant by the "Sign of Jonah" and how that fit Peter, too
- Why Jesus gave Peter the "keys to the kingdom" when and where He did
- The "Temple Tax"--why Jesus paid it...and for whom He also paid!
- Similarities between the feeding of the 5,000 and the Last Supper
- What made it clear that Jesus' body was not taken by grave robbers
- And so much more about Peter's role in the Church after the Ascension!

Double length story: Approximately 70 minutes

Music composed by and performed by Eric Genuis

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  • Glory Stories CD Vol 16

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    Verified User Sep 23rd 2021

Glory Stories CD Vol 16: You are Blessed by My Father-St. Peter (Double length)

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