Introduce your child to the beauty and meaning of the colors at Holy Mass with A Little Catholic's Book of Liturgical Colors!

"Nature has its seasons;
The Catholic Church does too.
Her changing colors are a sign
That God makes all things new."

Written in delightful rhyming verse by Theresa Kiser and illustrated by Chris Pelicano (the long-time illustrator of Holy Heroes' products!), this board book will walk children through the different liturgical colors of the Catholic Church and where they will find them in the Mass. The rhythm of the poetry is tuned to a child's ear, so you may soon find your little ones "reading" the book themselves!

The author explains:
"As a new mom, I wanted to share the rich tradition of the Catholic church with my infant son, but most of all, I wanted to speak love to him. I wanted my baby boy surrounded by love, not only his parents' love, but a love that exceeds our own. With gentle rhyme, A Little Catholic's Book of Liturgical Colors was written to invite babies to see and hear about God's love through the symbolism of Catholic colors. In this way, I hope our child--and yours!--will learn the colors, experience the coziness of being read to by his parents, and make the crucial connection between the liturgy and God's unfailing love."

With 16 colorful pages including a Q&A page (so you can answer the questions inspired in young minds!), this is a great way to instill a love for the Catholic faith and the Holy Mass, as well as spark thoughtful conversations.

Printed in the U.S.A.
ISBN: 9781936330874
Publisher: Holy Heroes Books
Publication Date: 2019
Binding: Board book


  • Author:
    Theresa Kiser

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  • A Little Catholic's Book of Liturgical Colors Board Book

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A Little Catholic's Book of Liturgical Colors Board Book

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