5 Must-Read Books to Guide your Family through Advent

Oct 7th 2021

5 Must-Read Books to Guide your Family through Advent

Advent can be such a fruitful season of spiritual growth as we await the coming of our Savior! However, for many, it can feel like a season of missed opportunities. With the constant distractions and expectations of the holiday season, many miss out on the rich graces that are extended through Advent.

Here are five quick reads that are packed with content that is sure to enrich the Advent season for the whole family!

  1. Waiting for Christ, by St. John Henry Newman

    Written by Saint John Henry Newman, a well-known and inspiring preacher, Waiting for Christ is filled with beautiful meditations that will invite you to encounter Christ in a unique way this Advent. This compilation of Saint John Henry Newman’s sermons will help prepare your heart for Christmas with wonder and joy.

    These beautiful meditations guide you through reflections on:

    • Preparing for the Lord’s coming at Christmas and the end of time
    • Our dependence upon the Lord’s goodness
    • Mary’s role in salvation history
    • And much more!
  2. Blue Christmas, by Paul McCusker (Author of Adventures in Odyssey)

    Richard Lee couldn’t have been more surprised when he died right before Christmas. Yet it was an even bigger surprise to watch his three grown-up children return home to deal with his funeral arrangements—and their personal grief and conflicts. His three children differ greatly in lifestyle. There’s David, the successful businessman. Jonathan, the failed artist. And Ruth, the wayward daughter. Each one has a reckoning with the father they didn’t understand. And Richard Lee learns more about them than he ever knew in life. At turns poignant and funny, Blue Christmas is one family’s discovery that Christmas is still a time of miracles.

  3. Brother Francis Advent Bundle

    Invite your children to gain a deeper understanding of the true meaning of Christmas and discover the ways they can prepare their hearts for Christ this Advent! Brought to you by Brother Francis, this Advent Bundle includes:

    • The Days of Advent DVD: Brother Francis Ep. 18 (English & Spanish) – Daily meditations for the whole family for each day of Advent – including a prayer and a suggested “Advent Action.”
    • The Days of Advent Reader – A companion reader to “The Days of Advent” DVD. Daily meditations, prayers and Advent actions are in this beautiful, full-color book. Follow along or use independently.
    • Let’s Learn About Advent Reader – Learn about the season of Advent, it’s meaning, and why we celebrate it!
  4. The Best Advent Ever: The Adventures of Nick & Sam

    Introducing Book #3 in The Adventures of Nick & Sam series!

    The Best Advent Ever follows twins named Nicolas (Nick) and Samantha (Sam) Perry as they discover the true meaning of Christmas. Their family’s traditions play an important role in the Advent season. The preparation for Christmas becomes a mix of drama and comedy as the twins are eager to participate in their first Christmas pageant and the search for a Christmas tree, which leads to danger! Throughout Advent the twins learn valuable lessons, have plenty of fun and gain a new sense of wonder for Christmas.

  5. 24 Christmas Stories to Welcome Jesus

    Fashioned like an Advent calendar, this book starts on the first day of Advent and leads the family all the way up to Christmas! Perfect for all ages, this richly illustrated collection of stories brings the Gospel accounts of Christ’s birth to life in a new way. It is a fantastic companion for Advent, sure to cultivate a spirit of joy and hope.

    The Advent season is a beautiful time of preparation, and it is pregnant with hope! This year, carve out a little time to prepare your heart and home for the Christchild. By taking some intentional time to read and ready yourself for His coming, He will most certainly find room at your Inn!