Is Jesus Really Present in the Eucharist? - Booklet

Bishop Michael Evans
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Statistics are reporting that over 70% of Catholics polled in America do not believe in the Real Presence of the Lord Jesus in the Eucharist — a verifiable crisis of faith. Using key sources from scripture and tradition, Bishop Michael Evans explains how Jesus is present today when we celebrate the Mass. This highly readable and accessible text is a must read for all Catholics seeking the proper answer to this dire question.

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  • Patrick Shay

    Is Jesus really present in the Eucharist
    Jan 19th 2020

    I would like to hand this CD to every person everywhere who says I am Catholic. I am
    dumbfounded at stories I have hear about the terrible number of those Catholics who admit that they do not believe that the Eucharist is the Body-Blood-Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ.
    Those who say this are calling Our Lord a liar. St. Paul said "If Christ did not suffer, die and rise again then our faith is a lie and Christ Himself would be a liar. (I'm paraphrasing his words). But Paul also says but Christ did suffer, die and rise again. If you believe in anything that Jesus said then you must believe in everything He said and did. In this CD we can learn the connection between the bread from Heaven that the people of Israel received while lost in the desert and how Jesus is the Bread of Life sent down from Heaven.

  • Patrick Shay

    What's so great about being Catholic
    Jan 19th 2020

    Some times one can come across a story, a book, a CD and say "WOW" or "How thought provoking" or "Wonderful -Stimulating."
    But as with this CD in my mind I found myself thinking if I am already Catholic I already know what is so great about being Catholic.
    My faith has I believe always been the Greatest Joy of my life and by the grace of God always will be.
    With that thought in mind I can now say with true conviction..."WOW" "How thought provoking" "How stimulating." It is as it is.