The Search (Case of 10)

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Expected release date is Oct 23rd 2020

Inspiring gifts to help you share your faith this Advent or Christmas. Easy evangelization and gift-giving to everyone on your list with this case of 10!

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Why are we here? What is life all about? What happens when we die? These are some of life’s deepest questions, rooted in the human heart’s deepest desires: happiness, love, beauty, meaning. Where can we find the answers to these questions and these desires? Until satisfied, we are left questioning, longing, and searching.

This thought-provoking, approachable book is based on The Search video series—a powerful new Catholic evangelization experience. It is written to help those who are curious about the Faith but not ready to commit. The Search recasts the vision for what life’s all about to those who’ve walked away and those who are asking big questions. We need to answer them well so they see the Catholic Faith as it truly is.